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The Borough of Fenwick was created by a Special Act of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1899.

Fenwick is a municipality, just like a city or town, and is governed by a Board of Warden and six Burgesses elected in May of every odd numbered year. A Treasurer, Clerk and Tax Collector are also elected. Section 2 of the Special Act describes the criteria for Electors. An elector can vote, hold elective office and be a member of a Commission. In addition to elected officials, the Borough employs a Manager, Office Manager, Zoning Enforcement Officer/Land Use Administrator, and Building Official.  The CT River Area Health District provides health and sanitarian services and the Town of Old Saybrook provides Fire Marshall services.

Fenwick and Old Saybrook

While the Borough is a municipality, it is also a political subdivision of the Town of Old Saybrook and residents pay property taxes to both the Borough of Fenwick and Old Saybrook. Fenwick receives police, school, and volunteer fire and ambulance services from Old Saybrook.