Land Use


The Borough of Fenwick has four land use commissions: Planning and Zoning Commission, Historic District Commission, Inland Wetlands Agency, and Zoning Board of Appeals. They are empowered by Connecticut State Statute and local ordinances. They are made up of volunteers, appointed from within our community, who care about preserving the historic character of the Borough, protecting its unique natural resources, and providing for thoughtful, well-planned residential development.

It is important that each resident understands the seriousness with which we regard our land use regulations. The following guidelines have been developed to provide a general overview of the application and variance processes but should not be viewed as comprehensive. The Borough of Fenwick land use commissions cannot give legal advice.

Please be sure to check with the Zoning Officer, Building Official or the Borough Office (860.388.3499) for permit and compliance requirements before you plan to alter, renovate, repair or build on your property or house. You may download information, Land Use Applications and Permit forms from this site or pick up copies from the Borough Office. Many activities require permits and approvals from more than one land use agency or official. Approval from one agency does not mean approval from another. At this time, the order in which you proceed with the various Land Use commissions is discretionary.

The regulations of the Borough of Fenwick are put in place for the protection of all of us and are consistent with and/or are mandated by the regulations of the Federal Government, the State of Connecticut and other agencies that may have purview.

We invite you to participate in the stewardship of this very special community.

The guidelines found on this website are not intended to substitute for knowing and understanding borough land use regulations. Please refer to the appropriate regulations for complete information.