Warden's Letter - Borough Covid

March 27, 2020 

Dear Residents, 

I trust and hope this email finds you and your family healthy. I was in the Borough yesterday and while it was nice to see so many residents, it was unusual for a weekday in late March. But these are certainly unusual times. Thus, I wanted to reach out to you to reiterate, and put into practice, what we have all been hearing from federal, state and local leaders regarding adhering to social distancing and self- quarantine.

Fenwick is unique in that it is such a socially interactive community, which now presents a challenge to our collective health. Our residents hail from many different states and regions. This virus is impacting areas in different ways in real time. I ask that we all respect one another’s privacy and personal space as we live with and among each other in this time of Covid.

Thank you, be safe and I look forward to seeing each of you at a distance of less than six feet sooner rather than later.

Borough of Fenwick