Message from the Warden re Short Term Rentals

Dear Residents, 

As you know, the zoning regulations are set to change tomorrow, specifically regarding short term rentals. Please see below for a few reminders regarding such from Marilyn Ozols, our ZEO. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact Marilyn or me:

This is a reminder that the new zoning regulation limiting short term rentals becomes effective on October 1, 2019.  As of that date, rentals of less than two weeks are no longer permitted, no more than ten rentals per cottage per year are allowed, and there can be no rentals to non-families.  Except for one one-week rental next July, as of now there have been no documented requests to honor any rental agreements made prior to the Planning & Zoning Commission vote on July 20.  Other than this one exception, the Zoning Enforcement Officer will begin citing any property owners who are not in compliance with the new regulation. 

Please also be aware that the Zoning Enforcement Office can issue a Notice of Violation / Order to Discontinue, but cannot, statutorily, require someone to immediately vacate the property.  Enforcement must follow statutory requirements, so please understand that if you see what appears to be a violation and file a complaint, but don’t see the people immediately leave, that does not mean that nothing is being done.

As an additional reminder to those who do rent their property, please review any advertising, including any internet listing, to be sure it properly indicates the “families only” requirement and the two-week minimum rental period.  Any continued listings that are contrary to the regulation will only serve to weaken your position if you are cited.

Thank you.