Trash and Recycling Rules

Greetings everyone! 

We hope you are enjoying your summer thus far and we are reaching out to you today in hopes of getting your assistance over the next six weeks.  The Town of Old Saybrook has hired a new person to help with State of CT recycling compliance laws.  During our last drop off at the transfer station we were cited for having too much recyclable materials mixed in with our trash.  Future abuses will result in fines so to avoid extra costs incurred by these violations we are seeking your help by reminding you of our rules:

Borough of Fenwick Trash and Recycling Rules

Trash Rules

  • Only household trash will be picked up.
  • No mattresses, furniture, propane tanks, grills, grass clippings, dirt, branches, etc. you must take these items to the dump.
  • Garbage Must be secured in Trash bags
  • Garbage in anything other than trash bags will not be picked up

Single Stream Recycling Rules

  • Recyclable items do not need to be sorted
  • Boxes Must be Emptied and Flattened
  • Newspaper Must be secured in brown paper bags or tied with string
  • Cans, Bottles, and Containers Must be rinsed clean
  • Recycling must not be in plastic bags

During the summer we are picking up trash every Monday and Thursday, recyclables are also on Thursdays.  If you’re putting recyclables out on Mondays, we will not be picking them up.  Also, any deviations from the rules will result in a friendly reminder (note) being left for you so that we can all get on the same page going forward.

We do acknowledge the desire of some residents for an additional day of recycling pickup and this request has been discussed and it is something that the current staff cannot accomplish without hiring additional employees and foregoing some projects because the truck would be unavailable four out of five days of the week.

Should you need to take some recyclables to the transfer station after a fun filled weekend, that option is available to you as a resident of Old Saybrook.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and as always, I am happy to hear any comments, concerns or compliments you have to share.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Champion, General Manager & Daryl Aresco, Superintendent