Borough News from the Desk of the Warden

Borough News from the Desk of the Warden

June 26, 2020

Hello Residents.

As the summer season of 2020 is now upon us, I want to bring a few topical items to your attention, as outlined below:

  • Park Monitor:  The Borough has hired a new Park Monitor for this season. His name is Peter Dombrowski and he began working in the Borough this week. When you come upon him (he will most often be in the new blue cart with “Park Monitor” emblazed on the front) please introduce yourself and your family to him. This will be the quickest way for him to become familiar with our residents. Peter will be roaming the Borough, on a varied schedule, helping to keep non-residents from the places they should not be.
  • Beach Monitors: In addition to the Park Monitor, this summer we have also hired two Beach Monitors, Angus Auld and Tristan Jamidar, to regulate proper access to the pier/beach area. They (individually) will be stationed at the gate to the beach area. Please introduce yourself to them as well.
  • Signage: Over the next few weeks, you will most likely notice a few new signs going up and coming down. This is a coordinated effort to alert nonresidents to keep out of areas in the Borough that are either private property or Borough property that requires a fee to enter, i.e. the golf course, tennis courts, beach areas.
  • Cart Flags: Peter Duncan has generously donated newly designed Borough of Fenwick golf cart flags. Our hope is that all residents will affix these to their carts so that the Park Monitor and Beach Monitors will be able to easily identify resident carts. These flags will be available for purchase ($10) at the Beach this weekend, 11-2pm both days. If you cannot make it during those times, please contact Peter Duncan (917.885.4534).
  • Concerns Committee: The above four items have been accomplished with great help from the Concerns Committee. From assisting in the vetting and hiring of the Park Monitor/Beach Monitors, to the design/siting of the new signs, to the design and donation of the cart flags, a big thank you to the Concerns Committee members for all of their help in these important areas.
  • Home Rentals: The Governor’s Executive Order limiting home rentals to a period of no fewer than 31 days as been rescinded.
  • Golf Carts: Golf carts are to be operated ONLY by those who hold a valid driver’s license. There are no exceptions to this state law. As such, please do not allow your young teens drive a cart, especially at night. Lastly, all Borough residents driving carts on Borough roads must adhere to stop signs, etc.
  • Hammer Law: Just a reminder, all construction activity must cease by close of business June 30th. Please contact Marilyn Ozols if you have any questions regarding this issue.

I hope everyone has a fantastic summer. As always, please feel free to contact me (by email or phone: 860.227.1967) with any questions or concerns.


Newton C. Brainard III, Warden
Borough of Fenwick