Warden's Letter - May, 2018

Borough of Fenwick
580 Maple Avenue
Old Saybrook, CT 06485


Borough News from the Desk of the Warden

May 22, 2018

Hello Everyone.

I hope this letter finds you all enjoying the best of the spring weather, in Fenwick or otherwise. As we race ahead towards the start of the busy summer season, I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of several Borough items: 

  • Resident’s Meeting:  Please do not forget that our annual Resident’s Meeting will be held at St. Mary’s this Saturday, May 26th @ 9am. The Board will present and discuss the 2018-2019 budget, as well as other topics. Come on by and have a listen, make a suggestion or just greet your fellow residents.
  • Winter:  All things being equal, the Borough endured this past winter in relatively good shape. As usual, we had our near misses of hurricanes/tropical storms and were battered by several tough nor’easters. But as spring has come to life, so has the natural beauty of the Borough. The Borough staff has done a wonderful job, which continues, eliminating the remnant impacts of winter.
  • Pier: This old codger takes the brunt of everything that Mother Nature offers, and sometimes it shows. Earlier this year the Board voted to approve a full rebuild of the western side of the pier. The west side was not part of the last rebuild, which concentrated on the east side. All the old wood of the dock and pilings have been removed, the stone foundation has been repointed and the new structure will be installed over the next few weeks. Thank you to many of you and the Fenwick Improvement Fund (FIF) for your support of this much needed project.
  • Beach Area: The beach furniture is another area that will be upgraded this spring. Again, with the generous support of you and the FIF, we have ordered new furniture to replace several pieces that were broken or have gone missing. Additionally, we have purchased an inventory of spare parts so we will be equipped to repair broken pieces during the winter months. Please remember to close and secure the beach umbrellas this summer if you are the last to leave the beach. We lose a few every summer due to high winds overnight when umbrellas have been left open.

Having served the Borough children well over the past 20+ years, the playground equipment is at the end of its useful life and will be retired sometime over the next year. Ideas for appropriate replacement pieces are welcome, as are donations to help offset the cost.

  • Golf Course: Thanks to our Superintendent Daryl Aresco and his team for the condition of the FGC. The one benefit of the rainy, cool spring has been the very green, lush grass. Please get out there and play as it is never prettier than it is now.

From a revenue point of view, the winter proved difficult for play. The course was closed for most of January and February due to snow, ice and frost, cutting into our revenue projections.

  • Play Class: If you have not done so already and you have children interested in joining the Junior Program anytime this summer, please be sure to email Caroline Keenan at fenwickjrprogram@gmail.com. Registration is due no later than May 31st.
  • Beach Clean Up: The annual Beach Clean Up will be held on Saturday, May 26th at 1pm.  Please meet up at the tennis courts where you will be assigned an area of the Borough to attend. I highly encourage residents of all ages to participate in this tradition that removes trash from our shoreline.
  • Memorial Day Golf Tournament: Meet up at the first tee at 2:30pm on this Saturday, after the Beach Clean Up, and celebrate our veterans. All are welcome, including kids. Questions, contact Richard Chmiel: (646) 204.8036.
  • Park Ranger: Last year’s Ranger, Chuck, will not be returning. As such, the Borough is in search of a new Park Ranger, an important Borough position. Though our General Manager, Jeff Champion, has interviewed several candidates, we have yet to find the right person. If anyone has a suggestion for a candidate, please let Jeff or me know.

This will be my 51st summer spent in Fenwick among family and friends, an incredible gift that happily renews annually. I look forward to seeing many of you either this Memorial Day weekend or over the summer as you enjoy the same in this exceptionally wonderful community.

As always, please feel free to send along any ideas, questions or concerns you may have. Email (warden@fenwicknews.com) or call (860.227.1967).