Borough News From the Desk of the Warden - August 4, 2017

Borough News From the Desk of the Warden

August 4, 2017


Happy mid-summer to all Fenwickians!

At the outset, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Fran Adams for his successful tenure as Warden. Thank you for your hard work, Fran. Additionally, I hope you all get the chance to not only thank Fran, but also Ethel and Valerie for their years of outstanding service to the Borough. Thank you to you all.

I hope the following will provide you with some color regarding the issues that the Burgesses and I find currently before us:

  • General Manager Search: As you may be aware, the Borough is currently seeking a replacement candidate for the General Manger position as Larry will be retiring at the end of the month. This is a critical hire for the Borough and one we hope to fill no later than this fall. The position has been posted on a variety of sites advertising the position. If anyone has any suggestions of an appropriate candidate, please shoot me an email with your thoughts.
  • Park Monitor: Chuck Mercer is our new Park Monitor. Please take the time to introduce yourselves to him once you see him around the Borough. The sooner he gets to know us the more effective he will be. His focus is the beach/pier, the tennis courts parking area and the fishermen. His days and hours are somewhat varied, though he works most all weekend days/evenings. If you happen to see a situation that requires his attention, please feel free to call him at 860.227.5685. He will respond if he is in the Borough.
  • Piping Plovers: Please be aware that the path out to Long Beach from the west side of the Webster’s home will be blocked off over the remainder of the summer due to the birth of several endangered Piping Plovers that have taken up residence near the southern terminus of the beach path. Bill Webster has been kind enough to offer beach access (in the daylight hours) via his path so as not to disturb the baby birds. Please take care in that area.
  • Golf Carts: There has been an abundance of unsafe and destructive late night golf cart activity, almost on a nightly basis, on the course and throughout the Borough. That in itself poses a problem, but the carts have been going through traps and over greens, damaging the course. This needs to stop. It will not be the Warden, the Burgesses, nor the Park Monitor who will ultimately eliminate this conduct. It is up to the parents who hand over the keys to their carts to their teens every night to curb this behavior. Please discuss the situation with your teens and ask them to operate safely and respect Borough and private property. As a reminder, golf cart operators are required to be licensed drivers and if carts are used at night they must have lights. Please adhere to these basic laws.
  • Frankel’s Pool: It has come to our attention that Fenwick residents have been taking advantage of instances when the Frankel’s are away to use their pool. I am stating the obvious when I say, unless you have explicit permission from the Frankel’s, unauthorized use of their, or anyone else’s pool, constitutes trespassing. When you are having that conversation with your teens regarding golf cart use, please remind them that the Frankel’s pool is not to be used without permission.
  • Park Commission: On Saturday, August 12, Tim Gerrish and the Park Commission will present, discuss and take questions about our current Fenwick Golf Course long range plan. The meeting will run from 1:00pm-3:00pm on the porch of “The Shoe”, 26 Agawam Avenue. All interested residents are encouraged to attend.
  • Lynde Point Land Trust Photo Contest: The 8th annual contest will display this year’s entrants at a show at 4 Nibang on August 12th and 13th. Please stop by and admire the great work.
  • Involvement: In order for this Borough to prosper into the future, we need the active participation of all of its residents. It cannot be just left to a few. I strongly encourage each resident to participate in the operation, management or stewardship of the Borough in some way, be it large or small. There is much work to be done.

Lastly, as I begin my two year term, I thank you for your continued support and ask for your help in keeping the Borough moving forward. I will be soliciting your assistance, input and expertise as needed.

I hope that everyone gets to enjoy the last month of the summer season in the Borough. As usual, August packs a lot into 31 days. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop me as I pass by, email me ( or give me a call (860.227.1967). I would love to hear from you.